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14 Beneficial iPad Apps for Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Posted by Kelly on 5/22/2014 to Autism

With thousands upon thousands of apps for the iPad in the App Store, knowing where to begin your search could seem like a daunting task. According to an article on Parenting.com, there are 14 apps that would be beneficial to children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Mark Mautone, President at Integrated Technology for Persons with Autism and Development Disabilities (ITPADD) claims that they key to finding the perfect app for your child is not to search for the disorder, but search for the skill that you are trying to instill in your child. Here is the list of recommended apps: 

 1. Book Creator 
• This app allows the child to use their imagination, create their own stories, and export them directly to iBooks. ($4.99)

 2. MathBoard 
• For either simple addition and subtraction, or multiplication and division, this app allows children to take their time while solving math problems. It also comes with a “scratchboard” area where children can write out the problems ($4.99). 

 3. Preference & Reinforcer Assessment (Touch Autism) 
• With different assessments and assessment tools, this app automatically calculates the results of the testing, which gives the caregiver the information needed to determine the best course of action. ($9.99) 

 4. AutisMate
 • This app allows the child to feature their home and other common places, such as their classroom, right on their iPad in order to familiarize themselves with it more and become more comfortable with their surroundings. ($149.99)

 5. Proloquo2Go 
• This app is for children who have difficulty vocalizing and using their vocabulary. Speech Language Pathologist Jordan Sadler, MS, CCC-SLP, claims that this is her favorite app for giving children a voice through an iPad. ($219.00) 

 6. Choiceworks 
• Choiceworks gives children with Autism, and the entire family, control over their own schedule. It makes transitions throughout the day predictable.($4.99) 

 7. Pictello • “Apps that provide opportunities for adults and children to create social stories together are a fantastic resource for families. These stories can be used to help a child understand behavioral expectations, prepare for a new situation such as a trip to the doctor or a new school, or process a challenging situation that has occurred. I love Pictello for this purpose,” states Sadler. ($18.99)

 8. My Playhome
 • Play and social skills are extremely important for children with autism. This app shows that they can engage in imaginative play with their peers. ($3.99)

 9. Kid in Story
 • Kid in Story places the child into the app by using the camera to superimpose themselves into the story. They can create stories of their day at school to a family vacation. ($6.99)

 10. Word SLaPs
 • This app allows children to upload pictures of family, friends, and pets and then record their name. It helps kids with autism recognize people by sight. ($4.99) 

 11. Balloonimals • This app is fun for all children, and is a great motivation tool while using the more educational apps. ($1.99, $2.99 for iPad HD version, or lite version for free) 

 12. Endless Alphabet 
• Endless Alphabet creatively helps teach children the alphabet by refraining from the typical “A is for apple,” “B is for boy.” It most definitely will help any child gain a more impressive vocabulary. ($6.99) 

 13. iTubeList
 • Any parent who wants to monitor the videos that their child watches on the internet will appreciate this app. It allows user to save videos and create playlists that are appropriate for children. (Free) 

 14. Autism Apps 
• This app will help parents find other apps that will benefit their child with autism. You can search by behavior, categories, and ratings of other apps. (Free) 

 Now that you have an idea of where to begin in your quest for the perfect app, you may need a case for your iPad, iPad Mini, or iPhone 5. No worries! We have kid friendly cases right here under the "Electronics" tab. These cases will make it easier for your little one to hold onto the device, as well as protect the screen.



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