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97 Ways to Make a Baby Laugh

97 Ways to Make a Baby Laugh

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Chortle. Giggle. Titter and guffaw. And smile, smile, smile. The happiest of books is back, in full, glorious, happy color. It's the perfect shower gift. Essential for grandparents. The most cheerful book in the parenting section.

These 97 games, sight gags, parlor tricks, and practical jokes require no special talent, use just the simplest household items as props, and actually work. Babies will be entertained-and adult readers will rediscover the joy of surrendering to sheer silliness. Get baby giggling with the Exaggerated Sneeze "ah-ah-ah-ah-CHOO!" The Live Jack-in-the-Box (Dad goes in large cardboard box, family sings "Pop Goes the Weasel," and Dad jumps out at the last line). Three-Card Monte for Babies, using plastic cups and a lemon. Plus the top ten peek-a-boo variations, Yodeling in the Canyon, the Disappearing Noodle, Baby Channel Surfing, and oldies-but-goodies including Baby's Stinky Feet. It's the joy of letting loose and laughing with your baby.

Product Details

    Author: Jack Moore (Author) , Penny Gentieu (Photographer)
    Publisher: Workman Publishing Company; 2nd edition (October 23, 2012)
    Softcover: 208 pages
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 0761172351
    ISBN-13: 978-0761172352
    Product Dimensions: 6.00" l x 4.50" w x 0.50" h
    Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces

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From the Back Cover

Beyond Peek-A-Boo. Nothing pleases new parents more than Baby's first laugh, and here to keep the chortles coming is a collection of infant-tested sight gags, skits, parlor tricks and practical jokes. Try THE LIVE JACK-IN-THE-BOX. THE "SCAMOOCH." BABY'S STINKY FEET. Or THE DISAPPEARING NOODLE (for best results use cappellini al dente). They're a little nutty, require no training and few props (Baby's hat, bubble gum, a polka CD), and are guaranteed to work--on one condition. Grown-ups can't hold back. Which means not only will you be tickling Baby's funny bone, but your own as well.

More About the Author

Penny Gentieu is a New York professional photographer who has specialized in photographing babies and children for the past 12 years. Her photographs are exhibited and published worldwide, and she has to her credit over 100 magazine covers, including Time, Newsweek, American Baby, Baby Talk, New York, USA Weekend, and Parents. Penny is the author/photographer of Wow! Babies, to be published by Crown Publishing in Fall 1997.

Jack Moore was an advertising consultant and comedy writer. A natural entertainer of children, he became an expert at making babies laugh when his son, Brick, was born.

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