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Combating Violence and Abuse of People with Disabilities: A Call to Action

Combating Violence and Abuse of People with Disabilities: A Call to Action

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Author: Nancy M. Fitzsimons M.S.W., Ph.D.

People with disabilities are four to ten times more likely to experience violence and abuse than people without disabilities.* This is the one book that empowers everyone—professionals, families, and self-advocates alike—to solve and prevent this widespread problem.

In clear and straightforward language, abuse prevention educator Nancy Fitzsimons calls readers to action and gives them the no-nonsense guidance they need to stop violence and abuse before they start. Readers will discover how to-
help people with a wide range of disabilities learn concrete ways to arm themselves against violence and abuse
identify situations that might make a person vulnerable to violence or abuse
skillfully recognize the indicators of physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, psychological abuse, and financial exploitation
take appropriate action if they suspect or know someone is being abused
tear down the personal, societal, and organizational barriers that perpetuate violence and abuse
make the most of supportive services and systems, including victim assistance programs, the criminal justice system, and advocacy services
conduct effective training sessions that empower and educate people with disabilities about prevention of violence and abuse (includes lessons learned from a model program, the Advocacy and Empowerment Project)

Throughout this practical guide, thought-provoking anecdotes, exercises, and "Ask Yourself" questions help readers relate key concepts to their own lives, examine their beliefs and assumptions about disability and abuse, and expand their knowledge of how to take action. An eye-opening sourcebook for professionals and a must-share with anyone who has a disability, this book is the key to helping people with disabilities fight violence and abuse—and take charge of their bodies and lives.

*Petersilia, J.R. (2001) Criminal Justice and Behavior

Review by: Barbara LeRoy, Director, Developmental Disabilities Institute, Wayne State University "An important text on an issue that has received far too little attention . . . I highly recommend this book to people with disabilities, families, advocates and practitioners across the human service spectrum."

Review by: Marsha Saxon, World Institute on Disability, University of California, Berkeley "Well-researched and thoughtful book . . . sets up a broad context for [a] compelling empowerment program. Highly recommended!"

Review by: Colleen Wieck, Executive Director, Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities "Contemporary and relevant . . . provides theory, data, detailed checklists, and insights that will be helpful to people with disabilities, families, advocates, and providers."

Review: The Midwest Book Review "So timely and so necessary and so valuable . . . Very strongly recommended addition to professional, academic, and community library reference collections, and personal resource reading for anyone having to deal with the threat of abuse toward themselves or in behalf of a loved one."

Review: Sexuality and Disability "Touch[es] on an impressive number of angles surrounding the abuse of people with disabilities."

Review: Midwest Book Review- California Bookwatch "A powerful pick for any lending library."

Review: Midwest Book Review- California Bookwatch “From understanding teaching accountability processes to easing transitions for students and writing mesaurable IEP goals, this is a powerful assessment tool for college-level education libraries.”

Review: Apostrophe "Empowers professionals, families, and self-advocates to stop abuse before it begins . . . [and] empowers people with disabilities to fight back against violence and abuse by taking charge of their bodies and lives."

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